February 19, 2018

Playboy TV Discount

Verified Discount on Playboy TV

33% off the regular price of $29.99 – $19.99/mo. (90 days)

67% off one year – $9.99/mo.



As soon as you see the name Playboy TV it does mean that you automatically know what you are going to be getting for your money. You will get the hottest chicks possible, soft lighting, soft core porn where nudity is the main thing, and overall just a quality product that really is fitting of the name.

What they have decided to do with this site is to compile your favorite tv shows onto the one website, so that does mean a lot of episodes for the one single price. It is a rather cool idea and it does work well and at least there are no surprises with what you are going to get as you will probably have already viewed some of the shows earlier on.

This does mean that everything is indeed mainly softcore, but that is not something that you should hold against the website as there are some hardcore scenes added to this Internet version. You see, they are masters at erotica and sensuality and that is something that comes across loud and clear with this website. Put it this way, it is still going to turn you on and make you horny watching these hot chicks getting naked in a variety of ways and surely that is the all important thing?

This is actually the kind of website that is also pretty good for couples as there really is something for everyone and you need not feel ashamed about watching porn together when it is as nice as this. Put it this way, it is not really full on in your face hardcore, so yes it can be quite loving and this alone should give you a good enough reason to sit down and watch some with your partner.

Playboy TV is the kind of website that you would actually expect this particular brand to create and at least they are not letting you down with the finished result. The scenes are very well made indeed, they are hot, they are steamy, and most of all they are sexy. Go on, give them a go as you know you really want to.