February 19, 2018

ManoJob Discount

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Today is kind of a reminiscent day. Well, that’s how it always turns out to be when I encounter anything that’s Spanish because of this song by Jesse McCartney called Body Language that says “I don’t speak Spanish” blah, blah. You know, it’s kind of catchy and this site called Mano Job has the real deal. In case you don’t know, it literally stands for hand job. So yeah, at least now you have an idea of what you’re going to be up for unlike me the first time I entered the site. Nevertheless, I have no regrets because it’s awesome and I’m here to explain why through this review.

Okay, the premise of the site is not really unprecedented or anything. That’s kind of a hard thing to attempt to do these days. So, most of us would settle to doing or presenting something in a different way, which is the very edge of Mano Job. It’s all about hand jobs, all right, but wait till you see the twist in every video. You can really say this is the shit I’ve been looking for and you will start to long for your girl like never before. Or if you don’t have a girl, you’d have the motivation to finally man yourself up to get one. You know, for hand job’s sake.

I consider anything that’s beyond 500 a massive site, which actually makes Mano Job the ultimate massive site for me with it now having more than 750 videos. All of them are recorded in full HD and what’s even more exciting is the fact that they are all in POV. That makes the vividness of the site way more than what other sites could offer. Each piece is good for at least 15 minutes and you are really going to fall in love with the Spanish girls, because they’re naturally good at enamoring men. They have beauty written all over their face and passion inscribed across their souls. Every video is epic and you won’t have to sleep not getting the satisfaction you need for the night.

A subscription to the site is only $19.98 a month, which is really cheap considering the kind of content it offers. All the sexy Spanish girls, the POV style, these are only few of the reasons why Mano Job is the bomb. Enjoy!