February 19, 2018

Digital Playground Discount

Verified Discount on Digital Playground

40% off the regular price of $29.99 – $17.95 (30 days)

75% off one year – $7.49/mo.



OK, so I have been around porn for some time and I like to think that I have viewed porn of varying quality not only from a sex point of view, but also an artistic point of view. Why am I bothering to tell you this? Simply because, for me, Digital Playground is one of those few sites that scores perfect marks from me on both counts.

You see, these guys have, in my mind, perfected the art form that is porn and you can see that even from the superb home page that lays out everything that is on offer from these porn maestros. We all know that the home page is designed to draw you in and tempt you into joining, but I am here to tell you that you should not waste your time with the previews and just dive right in.

Digital Playground members get access to over 2,700 different scenes and more than 300 photo galleries, so you are never likely to get bored by what is on offer. They do also update a number of times a week and as a member you always want fresh content and that is always on offer here.

When it comes to the actual sex and the chicks you will encounter, then once again I have to say that they have come up trumps. There are a number of major stars in their scenes as well as a lot of hot up and comers, so you never know if the starlet you are seeing being fucked is going to end up being a legend of the industry later on.

The scenes do cover everything that you would expect from a site such as this, so yes there is a lot of normal boy/girl fucking as well as a batch of lesbian scenes, chicks taking it in the ass, and cum flying all over the place. However, I need to say that it is all done in a classy way right throughout the entire site.

Overall, if you are a lover of quality porn, then Digital Playground has to be a site that you seriously consider joining. You get value for money both thanks to the number of scenes as well as the quality of them, so how could you actually resist something like that?