February 19, 2018

College Rules Discount

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College Rules is a site that has some really exciting news for those who had dull college lives! They are here to tell you that without the inhibitions, there is a lot that students can do when it comes to sexual shenanigans. No more staunch, boring, students…just horny coeds and studs who want to have fun!

Inside this site, you will find that they have gangbangs, parties, orgies, shower sex, and all other nasty sex action that the students can think of. It is clear that the libido level of these students is excessively high. They simply love being horny and have no problems showing you!

What kind of coeds are inside this site? Try young, fit, sexy bodied gals. The tits are simply amazing and perfect. The butts will make you want to touch the screen! And all this “coed body perfection” is given to the lucky studs as they destroy those coeds pussies.

The site has material that shows the lesbian skills that the gals posses including some hot pussy licking. Once you open the tour page and go to the member’s area, you will have all this material. The homepage is not overly cluttered. It’s rather bare but has this pleasant simple design. There are sections where you will find the pictures and videos inside. The settings for the scenes are different. Sometimes you will see the dorm action and then there are outdoor scenes. Both exhibit this super slick sleazy kind of horny action that only the coeds can come up with!

You will see many niches like blowjobs, anal, parties, pussy penetration, and other hardcore genres inside. One of the reasons why we rate the action inside so hot is the “regular” coed gals and how they just love fucking. There are no fake looking over-the-top pornstars inside so the material comes out really genuine.

Another reason is the kinky and creative sexual games that the students come up with. These are just fun games that will have you blowing a big load if you keep on rubbing it! Once you are a member you will receive all the pics and videos and be able to stream or download. The mp4 downloads are good quality with many in 720p res quality. The pictures are not bad either. The updates are sporadic and they might have stopped all together, still, they have some really nice action in the galleries. The simple concept of giving coeds and frats boys a chance to be sexually free is working for these guys. College Rules is a nice site for those looking for coed sex niche. Check them out!